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Introducing Spero Stretch Therapy!!

Meet Hannah O’Leary, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Provider. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University in 2010. Most recently, she attended the Stretch to Win Institute and became certified in FST. 

She has experience volunteering and interning in several physical therapy settings. Her interests are rehab, sports medicine, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. She has always been fascinated with the body’s ability to recondition and heal itself. With FST, everyone has something to gain, and it is for all walks of life. 
Hannah lives with her husband, James, and two sons, Brady and Jet. They are people of faith. They love music, entertaining, playing all kinds of sports, and spending quality time with their big extended family. 

Hannah would love to help you with your needs and goals for therapy. She is available Thursdays from 10am -1pm. Contact Hannah at 770-616-1306  to set up an appointment.    Saturday group stretch class coming soon!

What is FST?
Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an advanced, table based, passive stretching method that involves the use of stabilization straps. FST helps to increase range of motion, relieve pain and is a dynamic and functional way to improve flexibility, and the function of fascia. The fascial system is the network of connective tissues that is found all throughout the body. Healthy fascia is vital for optimal circulation and movement.
Fascia Mobility Training (FMT)
Following an assessment of current flexibility and mobility, your therapist will develop a personalized self-stretch program that can be added to your exercise regimen, sport-specific training, or any other daily routine. 

sperostretch@gmail.com     770.616.1306         FACEBOOK :  www.facebook.com/hannah.oleary.142?refid=8            INSTAGRAM : @sperostretch